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We have a sauna boat in Värttö, Oulu. We currently have two Aurorahut on the same pier. Guests have the opportunity to stay at the pier or go for a ride. Guests have the opportunity to use the services of the sauna boat while the ferry is at the pier. Standard café and sauna shifts Mon, Wed 17-22 and Sun 14-18.

You don’t want to miss this adventure. Stay and ride according to your own schedule in a safe and high-quality river igloo boat in the picturesque and gently flowing water of the exotic Oulu River.
We are sure that a night without the north on the water will be a memorable experience that you will remember for a long time. You can experience it in a wonderful way on the exotic Oulujoki ride on the river igloo. You are in the middle of a picturesque paradise, you are progressing according to your own schedule and there is no congestion around you. There is only space and unique scenery. With the river igloo, you proceed safely and at your own pace to the river igloo buoys located in the best places on the Oulu River. Of course, you can also stop on the river at a place of your choice. You can bring food and drinks with you and prepare your own river igloo in the kitchenette or on the grill.

Driving and moving on the river igloo is safe and easy. Before leaving, we will give everyone a guide on how to drive and use a river igloo. Although the river igloo is a very easy to manage and safe watercraft, for the sake of common safety, we reserve the right to decide whether to grant a license based on guidance.
Stay in an igloo that offers stunning panoramic views as well as quality equipment. The high-quality and safe river igloo, made in Finland, has a pamperingly luxurious double bed that sleeps comfortably under a magnificent glass roof, yet, of course, in your own privacy and peace from everything quickly. With heating and ventilation, the river igloo is comfortable in all weathers. The magnificent terrace in front of the river igloo is your own place to enjoy the Oulu River. In summer, it is wonderful to take a dip from the terrace to swim and refresh in the clear and clean Oulujoki. The river igloo is, of course, equipped with a swimming ladder for this purpose.
The river igloo is equipped with a quality double bed and an extra bed is needed. More igloos include Bluetooth stereo/radio and the internet. Ask for more, book, and prepare for a memorable experience.

The river igloo is equipped with a high-quality double bed and, if necessary, an extra bed. Ask for more, book, and prepare for a memorable experience.

Activities in summer:

  • Sup-boarding
  • Rentable boat
  • Fatbike tours
  • Rentable jet skis


Activities in winter:

  • Fatbike tours
  • More activities coming




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