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Our AuroraHuts are located by Lake Foxen in Årjäng in western Sweden close to the Norwegian boarder. 


Here you can enjoy the Swedish nature at its best and really get close to nature. 

Accommodation has a temperature between 18-25 degrees that you control yourself. 

All electricity comes from solar cells or biofuel. 

In the winter they lie on the ice and in the summer, they float on the lake with a floating deck.  

You can move the unit in the summer with an electric motor. 

In winter there are great opportunities for skating and skiing right outside the accommodation. 


Things to do: 

* Nature walks 

* Sunbathing and swimming on lake beaches  

* Canoeing 

* Boat hiring 

* Taxi boat 

* Guided tours 

* Skiing 

* Skates 

* Fishing 

* Mushroom and berry picking 

* Shopping (6min by car) 

* Bar (6min by car) 

* Restaurants (6min by car) 

* Liquor store (20min by car) 

* Båstnäs car scrap (20min by car) 

* Whiskey distillery with tasting opportunities 



Rönningen 1

672 96 Töcksforks



Inquiries & reservations: 

Martin Jarve-Hotvedt




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