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Oulu Igloos offers new kind of accommodation experience on the river or on the sea wherether you are on a passing journey or especially for trying our Igloos. Our Igloos are designed for year round usage and are suitable as well for solo travellers as for couples. Igloo is luxurious suite for two persons.

Our first Igloo is located on natural state Kiiminki river. Kiiminki river belongs as a whole to Natura 2000 nature protection area, which is even internationally uncommon. In summer floats igloo on water and you are able to lodge to the shore or drive by electric motor to delta next to the sea and attach to buoy. In winter is our Igloo located on ice. Then you can reach our igloo by walking, skiing, kick sledding or for example by fatbike.

All of our igloos are in accordance with the AuroraHut concept, safe and egological. Igloos are modern accommodations which offer comfortable overnight stay. Arriving to us is very easy wherether you are coming by foot, bicycle, car or plane. By advance request we are able to fulfill many kind of wishes related to activities, catering, equipment and transportation to igloo.




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