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We are a boutique tourism company based in Nord-Lenangen, Northern Norway. Just two hours away from Tromsø city centre. We organize and provide all year-round activities in the area, adjusting them to the demands of the client, depending on the time they will be in the area, and their interests.

Located all by itself in fantastic surroundings, facing the fjord and with pristine mountains as a background, you get the ideal experience of Norwegian nature and the Arctic environment.

It is the starting point for most of our adventures, there are great trips and activities in the immediate vicinity and together with the beautiful nature, you will definitely have good memories from your trip to Lyngen.

The lodge consists of 9 double rooms and an aurora hut, all of them with private bathrooms.

In the living room area, you have a great view of the Ullsfjord, where both boats and wildlife can be appreciated.

A hot sauna and an outdoor jacuzzi can also be enjoyed in our spa area, and if you are really tough, you can swim in the sea right down by the shore

Homemade seasonal food is prepared on-site with local ingredients and our bar is always full of Aurora Spirit products, the world's northernmost whiskey distillery

We specialise in taylormaking the trips for our guests, helping them achieve their wishes and requests.


Activities available year-round:

  • Yoga Retreat
  • Aurora Spirit Destillery
  • Business Incentive Retreat
  • Helicopter Tours


Activities in summer:

  • Hiking Experience
  • Biking Experience
  • Gorza Bridge Experience
  • Fjord Cruise and Fishing
  • Fishing Experience
  • River Boat Experience
  • Kayak Experience
  • Sailing & Visiting Uløya Island
  • Tromsø Experience by Boat


Activities in winter:

  • Northern Light Experience
  • Whale Safari
  • Snowshoeing
  • Ski Tours
  • Snowmobile Experience
  • Dog Sledding
  • Sami Culture


Reservations and inquiries: 


+34 666 855 347




Lodge: Lenangsveien 1656

Apartments: Sandsveien 36

9068 Nord-Lenangen Norway




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