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Miles of sandy beach and open sea as far as the eye can see – here nature’s own panorama unfolds in front of you, whether you are enjoying a meal at the restaurant or relaxing on your hotel room balcony. Our location is the perfect place to relax, spend the night and enjoy your visit whether you come for lunch or an entire holiday! 

The Lokkilinna hotel restaurant invites you to enjoy the best vantage point over the Hiekkasärkät sand dunes. We are six kilometres, or just under four miles, from the centre of Kalajoki, and within walking distance of the wide range of services and activities offered by the tourist centre.

Whether you’re visiting for work, a holiday, a celebration or a meeting, we will help you to make it a success. If necessary, we can provide you with a package including accommodation and meals as well as meeting and programme services.

The Sea Igloo is a luxury double suite. The suite is equipped for an experiental holiday experience for two people. The main role is an unobstructed floor-to-ceiling view of the sea.

Our Sea Igloos chance location with the seasons. In summer, they are at the sea, where guests are transported by boat. Igloo is also equipped with its own inflatable boat for going ashore. In autumn and spring, igloos are placed on dry land, in  the scenic archipelago landscape of Rahja. If the ice situation allows, igloos will be transferred to sea ice in winter.

There are regular boat trips from Kalajoki to the Rahja archipelago at summer. Golf, windsurfing and hiking are also popular activities in the area, not to mention swimming and relaxation on the sandy beach.


Link to the booking system: lokkilinna.joikubooking.com



Matkailutie 199
85100 Kalajoki, Finland



+358 8 469 6700



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