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You will have a very private place surrounded by nature. In the spring, summer and fall you can drive with your car close to the Aurorahut. In the winter we will bring you with the snowmobile to the Aurorahut.

In 45 min you are in Arjeplog where you can visit the Silver Museum. In our area there is a mountain called “Ajlisvarre” you can hike up to. On top of this mountain you will have a spectacular view into the fjell region and you can see the many lakes of Arjeplog’s Kommun.

You will find yourself in the most beautiful nature of Swedish Lapland. Reindeers and Moose may cross your path. In the winter you have a gorgeous view in the sky where northern lights can be seen.

Activities offered:

  • Year-round: Hiking

  • In winter: Icefishing, snowshoeing, sleddogtours

  • In summer: Kayaking, fishing


Link to the booking system: www.airbnb.com / www.hejlapland.com



Gallavägen 1

93896 Arjeplog




046 73 652 35 15




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