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The novelty of Meritorpa's villas is the AuroraHut in Rönnäs, halfway between Porvoo and Loviisa. We take the igloo boat to the most beautiful and shallow place in Pernaja bay. The igloo boat is either at the pier in Meritorppa or on the shore of one of the nearby islands. Transportation there and back takes place by boat or snowmobile. You can travel on ice on foot or with a kick sled, in open water also with a rowing boat. If you want, we also take care of breakfast, lunch and dinner. In problem situations, we help 24 hours a day.

Winter activities:

  • Ice skating, also through the ice hole in the floor of the AuroraHut igloo boat

  • Guided fishing trips

  • Walking tours on the ice

  • Snowshoeing and skiing

  • Sauna at Meritorppa

Summer activities:

  • Sauna and hot tub at Meritorppa

  • Guided fishing trips

  • Picking berries and mushrooms


Our destination is about half an hour away by car there are two old towns, Porvoo and Loviisa. They have old architecture and good restaurants. We offer fishing services with over 20 years of experience www.kalastus.fi .


Meritorppa Villas

Åtransintie 2

07720 Isnäs




Erik Herlevi

050 594 29 83


www.meritorppa.fi, www.kalastus.fi


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