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Peace & Quiet Hotel is run by me Björn Hedlund-Länta. I grew up in the Scandinavian wilderness and had the outdoors as my playground with more than 3000 nights in the woods and mountains before I turned 20. Then my mountain interest led me to become a mountain guide, which I have been for the past decade. During these years I have had the pleasure of teaching thousands of people how to survive and become friends with the subarctic environment during summer and winter through extensive course activities. I am really passionate about conveying the silent knowledge of nature that I have learned from my masters and my own experiences. I can offer customized program designs according to your wishes. 


Activities in summer:

  • Peace & Quiet Hotel

    • Stay in the middle of Lapland nature, out on the beautiful water of the Lule River. Enjoy the midnight sun’s golden red light from your comfortable hotel bed with Sarek’s beautiful silhouettes as a backdrop. You float slowly in the landscape during dinner and enjoy the still life. The guide drives quietly with the panoramic boat’s low-powered electric motor. After a refreshing midnight sun dip, you can fish through the floor of the boat or sun dry on the deck. After an unforgettable night you can continue to take part in optional activities, but I always recommend doing a beach cut and stepping into Eva Gunnare’s magical world where you get to experience the Lapland nature up close with all your senses. If it is the right season, you can come home to the boat and prepare the most delicious cloudberry pie with vanilla sauce yourself or why not a grilled reindeer file with your own pickled raw lingonberries and cream chanterelle sauce.

  • Midnight sun panoramic boat

  • Midnight sun panorama dinner at floating hotel

  • Meet a local storyteller who celebrates the evening with jojk and memories from the Sami plains.

  • Fishing excursion with local guide on Vaikijaure

  • Learn to find the best blueberry pigeons and cloudberry ants with a local berry guru.

  • Guided tour of Ájtte, Swedish Mountain and Sami Museum (including the mountain garden)

  • Fat bike adventure with a former lapland ranger


Activities in winter:

  • Peace & Quiet Hotel

    • Experience the Arctic light in Europe’s last wilderness. In the Sami cultural centre of Jokkmokk, you will experience eco-friendly luxury glass glazing for two. A mountain guide takes you under safe conditions out into the wilderness to the accommodation so that you can feel safe and relaxed in the encounter with the magnificent scenery. Together with your partner, you can find each other in total peace and tranquillity. Enjoy the milky way like you have never seen it before and the colourful northern lights dancing across the sky.

  • Become a reindeer herder for a day

  • Accompany the family out into the reindeer forest and experience the reindeer herder’s everyday life. On foot, on skis and snowmobiles.

  • Cryotherapy Ice bath and wood-heated sauna

  • Fire on ice- local gastronomy for body and soul

  • Reindeer sledding

  • Dogsledding

  • Ski touring 

  • Snowshoe hike 

  • Ice Fishing

  • Northern light, star and galaxy photo course


Link to the booking system: www.peaceandquiethotel.com



Klockarvägen 25

962 32 Jokkmokk, Sweden







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