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Luxury and ecological AuroraHut glass igloo near to northern lights and pure nature closer than ever before!

Have you ever dreamed to sleep a night in the middle of pure nature with a high possibility to see magical northern lights! If you do, AuroraHut Arctica Lapland is the right choice for you! 

This unique glass igloo is located on the lake Alajärvi 350 meters far away from our small reception and there is only one AuroraHut, so you can enjoy your holiday peacefully! Our passion is offer the best quality experiences and packages to our customers, thats why we make sure your experience is one to remember.

During your stay you can go snowshoeing, enjoy campfire moments privately, search northern lights where ever you are, book our local activities what we offer for you and much more! AuroraHut Arctica Lapland is just a less than 10 minutes drive from Ivalo and only a few minutes from the airport.



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