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We rent comfortable holiday cottages all year round on the shores of Lake Vikajärvi, right next to Rovaniemi. Our cabins are well equipped with modern amenities. Each cottage has a sauna, fireplace and kitchen, as well as its own yard and beach area with rowing boats. There are cabins for four, six and eight people to choose from. We also rent Aurora Hut glass igloo boats by the lake during the season.

Warm welcome!

Location and services

Holiday cottages and igloos are located in Vikajärvi right along Sodankyläntie, 30 km from Rovaniemi (visitrovaniemi.fi) and 4 km north of Vikajärvi village. It is only 20 km to the Arctic Circle and Santa's village. It is easy to make day trips from the cottages, e.g. Luosto and Pyhä, which are about 100 km away. Vikajärvi village has a shop, a bar and postal services. The Vikakönkä camping area is also located near the village. The exact address of the reception is Laaksonperäntie 59, 97510 Vikajärvi. The cottages and igloos are located right next to the reception on the other side of Sodankyläntie. The reception is open by appointment. The best way to get to the cabins and igloos is with your own car. The bus stop is located about 100 m away along Sodankyläntie. Local buses that run between Rovaniemi and Sodankylä stop at the cabins and igloos.



It is easy to refresh yourself and engage in various activities in the cabins. In the summer, the activities of the cottages definitely include fishing, rowing, sauna and swimming. The beach is shallow and has a sandy bottom, which is also suitable for the smaller ones in the family. The Vikakönkä camping area has great routes and it's nice to warm up on its porches all year round. In autumn, mushroom and berry forests can be found nearby. In winter, you can try your luck at fishing on the ice of the lake with a fishing rod. Vikajärvi village also has an ice rink and a lighted track for skiers. You can also try snowshoeing in Vikakönkää. You can ask us to rent snowshoes and ice equipment. Poles are part of the equipment of every cottage.

Link to the booking system for the cottages: Ahonen Holiday Cottages



Laaksonperäntie 59

97510 Vikajärvi



Hanne: 050 5473 888


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