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Pytky Oy has been operating about a year and our services include: Cafe and restaurant services at Pytky Cafe & Parttio Bistro. The café side follows the high seasons in the area in terms of opening hours and Parttio Bistro is a Pre-order restaurant. Our plot is bordered by the beautiful Naamankajärvi, where we have AuroraHut's own pier and sandy beach, as well as a newly built separate public beach and boat dock. We also rent SUP-boards and boats.

We have a reindeer fence and three reindeer, Pytky's reindeer patrol. Reindeer are free in the summer and winters in the fenced yard of Pytky. Oncer the reindeer have been trained, they will be used e.g. sleigh reindeers. In the future, we will also offer experience and wellness services as packages. Our company also provides cleaning services for cottages in the area.

The price of accommodation at AuroraHut is for two people.

  • Summer season (1.6 - 30.9): 195 € / night
  • Autumn season (1.10 - 15.11): 295 € / night
  • Spring season (1.4 - 31.5): 295 € / night
  • Winter season (1.12 - 31.3): 395 € / night

The price includes breakfast, use of the barrel sauna and the possibility to ride on the lake.

Pets are not allowed in our AuroraHut.


Activities in the Syöte area


Cross-country skiing

Syöte is one of the most versatile cross-country skiing resorts in Finland. The ski trails in the hiking area are part of the managed trail network of the Syöte Tourist Area (120 km). In the spring and winter, the trails pass through incredibly beautiful crown snow load on trees on hills and unspoilt quiet swamps. Height differences at Syöte ensure that there is enough challenge and speed on the skiing tracks.

You can also ski in the cold weather on Iso-Syöte Huipunlatu, because it is often warmer in the fell. Riihitupa, located along the Iso-Syöte - Pytkynharju ski track is the finest resting place in the hiking area. You can ensure the success of the ski trip by checking the current condition of the skiing tracks from the service offered by Syöte trackpool (kunto.fluentprogress.fi).


The Iso-Syöte hiking area is a great place to start your hiking hobby. Terrain-marked and carefully signposted routes, good connections to the services of the tourist center and the proximity of roads make the area a safe excursion destination for the whole family. Easy-going trails with hills also attract joggers and trail runners. Numerous sheds and the Riihitupa serve hikers with their campfire sites.

Huipunpolku is a great place to hike (1 km). Near the hiking area is Pytkynharju, known for its scenery, to which the Pytkyn Pyrähdys day trail (9.7 km) leads. The routes in the hiking area are also connected to the longer wilderness hiking trails in Syöte National Park. The Syöte nature center provides the best hiking tips.

Mountain biking

You can engage in various activities, such as mountain biking and touring. Mountain biking in the area is worth starting on the Syötteen kierros mountain bike route (19 km), which runs through the Iso-Syöte in boreal forest and ridge landscapes. The route is suitable for those who have some experience. The route section from Iso-Syöte to Pytkynharju and the Pytkynharju area are particularly suitable for beginners.

Syötteen kierros -cycling route (25 km) runs along motorways in the scenery of the hiking area. The sheds of Pytkynharju in Lauttalampi and Kellarilampi are good places to have lunch breaks, and willing can take a dip to swim in the clear waters of the ponds. Remember to also consider slower walkers along the route and give way if necessary. There are also connections to other routes in the hiking area's cycling routes, where you can find more information on the Syöte National Park Routes page. Partners on the Syöte rent bikes.

Other activities

  • Snowshoeing: The slopes of Iso-Syöte and Romevaara offer winter scenery and challenging terrain. Rest in the Syöte Visitor Centre or in Riihitupa, south of Romevaara.
  • Berry picking and mushroom picking: Excellent terrain e.g. for picking blueberries, redberries, cloudberries and cranberries. Syöte Visitor Centre gives tips on berry and mushroom picking.
  • Sightseeing and views: From the top of the Iso-Syöte fell, a wooded hill landscape opens up to the west over the entire hiking area and north to Syöte National Park. At the top of the fell, along the Huipunpolku, there is an observation deck.
  • Participation in group guided tours: Syöte Visitor Centre organizes guided tours to Syöte National Park and the hiking area on request. Guided tours are also organized by partner companies in the area.
  • Visiting Syöte Visitor Centre: Syöte Visitor centre is located at the bottom of Iso-Syöte fell, right on the border of the Syöte National Park. There is the customer service point of the camping area. It is and interesting place to visit anyone interested in the nature and cultural heritage of the Syöte area.
  • Ski resorts in Iso-Syöte and Pikku-Syöte
  • Downhill cyckling on Iso-Syöte