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AuroraHut® is a boat!

  • Away from the land
  • Away from the everyday
  • Away from the permits
  • Away from the infrastructure

AuroraHut® is a ground-breaking luxury accommodation that can be easily moved from on place to another. As a  floating vessel, it can be placed in water bodies at all times of the year. AuroraHut®  is certified as a safe boat and has been granted the CE -certification. AuroraHut® is an Igloo Boat™ which is now opening up billions of square meters of gorgeous waterways in a new way for the benefit and the pleasure of tourists.

The boat floats at its destination independetly without affecting the environment. The ability to freely navigate and stay overnight by boat on the water is a legally authorised "everyman's right" in the Nordic countries. In the summer, the AuroraHut® Igloo Boat™ is a cool, comfortable stay on the water, protected from mosquitos, and in winter it  can be placed on ice.

The temporary placement of an AuroraHut® on fixed land usually requires only the premission of the landowner. As a mobile and low-ceiling dwelling, the use of the  AuroraHut® Igloo Boat™ on land usually does not require a building permit nor any expensive and slow bureaucratic planning.

And what's great about arranging the self-sufficient AuroraHut® accommodation is that it requires no infrastructure construction or setup costs for traditional holiday construction. In addition to saving money, nature is saved from the eternal scars caused by water, sewage, power lines and roads.

Staying on AuroraHut® Igloo Boat™ in places you have never experienced before offers something completely new compared to an ordinary vacation rental, just what the traveller dreams and misses in everyday life.

AuroraHut® is also ideal for private use. AuroraHut® Igloo Boat™ is a great way to increase the accommodation capacity of your summer cottage without additional construction. You can rent your accommodation at our Johku service or Airbnb, for example, and earn extra income with your Igloo Boat! The price of the AuroraHut® Igloo Boat™ is € 49,500, VAT 0%.

If you were interested in AuroraHut® collaboration or entrepreneurship, read more in the AuroraHut® for the entrepreneur section.


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