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You are in the heart of nature, in the eye-catching beautiful archipelago on the islet of Aasla. In the AuroraHut igloo boat you can enjoy the magnificent sea views while lying in bed or on the terrace, where you can also take a dip in the refreshing water for a swim. Privacy is guaranteed with closable curtains. Coffee and tea are served in the igloo and are conveniently prepared in the kitchenette.The igloo has the necessary facilities for overnight stays, toilet, refrigerator, kitchenette, radio / bluetooth player and wifi.Road to the destination. Pets are not allowed in the property. Check-in at 3pm and check-out at 12 noon.From Aasla you can visit the island of Seili at boat M/S  Östern and the guest boat harbor of Nauvo, where you will find restaurants, shops and services.



Link to the booking system: www.archipelagolive.fi



Läntinen Rantakatu 57

20100 Turku, Finland







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