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AuroraHut Loviisa offers a memorable accommodation all year round. In winter you can enjoy grilling sausages in your own peace, and in summer you can dip into the refreshing ocean. AuroraHut Loviisa is locade only 2 kilometers from the city centre and its services. However, no need to worry about the hustle and bustle of the city since you are surrounded by nature. 

In Loviisa you can find a wide variety of comfortable and independet activities in the nature. IN summer there is a possibility to rent a rowing boat. Sauna facilities and a hot tub can be rented all year round as an additional service. There are pet sheep in a nearby Aludden farm, which you are free to go visit.

Winter activities: great possibilities for outdoor activities, ice fishing (hut rental does not include ice fishing gear), skiing and ice scating weather permitting.

More information: www.igluvene.com


Reservations and inquiries: iglu@uninen.me




07940 Loviisa

More detailed arrival instructions will be send to the customer via email.

+358 440 655 151



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